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In the Long Ago

See, touch, smell, hear a sample of what our ancestors may have experienced In the Long Ago. Get up close and personal with tools, materials, textiles and perhaps foods that may have been used for daily survival purposes. Try out your skill at ancient fire making techniques, using stone age tools, and make rope from natural fibres.

Leather Craft & Tooling

Learn the art and skill of leather crafting and leather tooling. Leather selection, design, cutting, carving, tooling, staining and sewing will be covered in this project-based class. Choose from Leather Mason Jar Sleeves, Minimalist Wallets, Cuff Bracelets and more.

Fish Skin Leather

Fish Skin Leather

Reconnect and remember through your hands, the ancient work of making fish skin leather. Learn the steps to transform a raw fish skin into finished leather for you to keep.


Fish Printing

Learn about fish anatomy and life cycles while practicing the ancient art of fish printing! Fish are culturally significant to many human civilizations around the world, and we will explore some of the stories and old practices that honour fish while creating beautiful art to take home.


Rock Teachings

Dive into the ancient teachings of our rock ancestors by exploring rocks in new and unusual ways. We will learn stone shaping techniques and make our own stone tools, interacting with rocks in ways that will transform the way you look at them.

Wild Woman Mask

Expressive Mask-Making

Cast your own face in plaster and make a mask to connect with your creative spirit and true self. I will guide you through the process of mask-making, and provide materials for you to transform your mask into a true expression of your inner self. No artistic experience necessary.


Natural Pack Baskets

Create and build your own beautiful natural pack basket, using foraged branches and natural materials.



Make a tiny micro-journal using a simple book binding technique and materials from your recycling bin. These make perfect note journals or art journals!


Nature Connection

Discover the healing power of nature as we explore local spaces that are medicine to the soul. Physical activity blended with creative practice will deepen your relationship and connection with nature.

Wilderness Survival

Wilderness Survival

What should I carry with me when I go into the wild? What should I do if I get lost or injured? Learn the basics of safe wilderness travel in this very practical introductory workshop.

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Natural Fibres

Hide tanning


Teaching Stinging Nettle Cordage at Camp YES in Maple Falls, WA | August 2017

Teaching Stinging Nettle Cordage at Camp YES in Maple Falls, WA | August 2017



North Vancouver, BC